Embracing Opportunities from Disruptor Technologies 


In a nutshell...

We are a newly formed IT Value Added Reseller (VAR) focussed on providing UK SMBs with Disruptor Technologies and a Complete IT Offering. We have partnered with many distributors and vendors directly to be able to offer best-in-class and innovative solutions.


Our Commitment 

Simple and Agile 

We are ensuring that our processes both behind the scenes and in front of clients are as automated and seamless as possible, thus being agile and creating a smooth experience for the client.


Friendly and professional at every step of the customer journey. We will go out of our way in ensuring you have the confidence in the product and in Arc Phoenix


Honesty and Trust are one of the cornerstones of our ethos. We commit to ensuring that all works with clients is transparent and well-communicated.


We are constantly looking for innovative, niche, disruptor technologies that we can help bring the UK SMB market. We are also working on our own productisation.

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The Process

Our Ambition. Your IT Solutions. 

Simple and Seamless at Every Step

Talk to us.

We want to understand your business, your requirements and your challenges

Let us do the work.

We will work with our industry leading partners to provide you with the best value for money solutions, providing you options based on needs and budget.

Empower your Business.

We will oversee the delivery of solutions tailored to your business whilst ensuring your have peace of mind.


Meet The Team


Thomas Sermon

Co-Founder & Director
Sales & Marketing

A passionate and skilled professional with a successful career in technology and sales. Keen to learn with an eye for the bigger picture and problem solving. Background in large, complex sales within Aviation Technology. His focus is on the strategic direction of Arc Phoenix.


Adam Goodley

Co-Founder & Director
Products & Partners

A technologically minded individual with the drive to innovate and provide solutions to clients. Experienced business development professional with a background in Microsoft and Lenovo. His priorities surround the empowerment of Arc Phoenix for the betterment of our clients.


Bradley Firth

Business Development Executive 


An eager sales representative that places client relationships at the top of his agenda. Brad has held a series of roles from marketing to starting his own business. His attention is now on pairing clients with the right technologies.

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Lana Banana

Chief Barking Officer


A big ball of fluff that was 'hired' to bring joy and entertainment to the office. She does not disappoint and has indeed become a valued member of the Arc Phoenix family.


Mira Sermon

Campaign and PR Consultant


Mira has extensive experience in marketing, public relations and social media in both B2B and B2C. She has operated in different industries and bring a wealth of knowledge to your growing team.

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Abbie Howells

Accounting Consultant 


Abbie has experience as a business accountant and she brings the knowledge, and right mindset, that is required to bring all things numeric together behind the scenes.