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Us. Our Story.

Arc Phoenix. Rising with the aim to soar high...

We have an that now drives our be the go to partner for your business' IT needs.

We want to focus on ensuring businesses have the IT to work with greater efficiency, more productivity and to be able to tackle challenges that lay ahead.

Arc Phoenix was created to help fulfil the above whilst offering a consultative, personal and agile touch. 

We see things differently...

Some see IT hardware such as laptops and monitors as an off-the-shelf product but we see it slightly differently.

We are partnering with a range of world leading IT companies so that we can work to provide you a selection of tailored IT proposals that fits your business needs.

Thus, working with you to find a solution. 

Our Ambition. Your Solution.

We have you covered. Through our partners we are able to provide a huge range of technology related solutions from laptops to cloud computing, from access to technology SMEs to a range of computing accessories, all presented under one proposal. 

We are always looking to partner with companies with innovative and specialised services so that we can offer the very latest and the very best to our customers. 

Our Philosophy is simple. To help businesses...

Embrace technology 

Evolve to stay ahead

be Empowered


The Process

Our Ambition. Your IT Solutions. 

Simple and Seamless at Every Step

Talk to us.

We want to understand your business, your requirements and your challenges

Let us do the work.

We will work with our industry leading partners to provide you with the best value for money solutions, providing you options based on needs and budget.

Empower your Business.

We will oversee the delivery of solutions tailored to your business whilst ensuring your have peace of mind.


Our Committment

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School LIbrary


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Simple and Agile at Every Step

We are working hard to ensure that our processes both behind the scenes and in front of clients are as automated and seamless as possible, thus being agile and creating a smooth experience for the client.

Transparency and Professionalism

We will work hard to ensure our clients have the clarity they need and the solution that is best for them. We have access to subject matter experts across all fields of IT with all materials provided following due diligence.

Friendly and Interpersonal

What makes us different? You will have a dedicated individual from start to finish. We believe in partnerships and not transactions. We want to help our clients achieve their business needs and we will consult with them to ensure they have the right IT.


Meet The Founders


Thomas Sermon

Sales & Marketing

"A passionate and skilled professional with a successful career in technology and sales. Keen to learn with an eye for the bigger picture and problem solving. Background in large, complex sales within Aviation Technology"


Adam Goodley

Products & Partners

"A technologically minded individual with the drive to innovate and provide solutions to clients. Experienced business development professional with a background in Microsoft and Lenovo"

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"When something is important enough, you do it in spite of fear."

Elon Musk