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Arc Phoenix has partnered with Osirium, a company leading the way in privileged access security and IT process automation.

Together, we recognise that protecting IT assets is more complex than ever, with legacy IT systems, virtualized environments and 3rd party out-sourced service providers engaged across public and private clouds.

With such a dispersed infrastructure, the privileged insider and outsider have become inter-changeable and the traditional idea of the security perimeter has dissolved. 

We are here to ensure that this security is not compromised 

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Privileged Access Security 



Combining the latest generation of cyber-security and automation technology to create the world’s first, built-for-purpose, privileged account protection and task automation solution for the hybrid-cloud world.

Client Centric

The solutions are simple for customers to deploy and use. Osirium secures all system administration activities and provides a real-time overview, ensuring every change is accountable, visible and auditable.


Complex, time-consuming or volume based activities can now be automated and executed securely and error-free, particularly useful when out-sourcing services to 3rd parties or the Help Desk.


Robotic Task Automation technology significantly reduces the cyberattack surface and delivers over 95% time savings in completing Privileged Tasks. For this outstanding innovation, Osirium was awarded a Gartner Cool Vendor award.

Our Solutions

Reduce operational risks from day 1 and improve the level of security effectiveness

Privileged Access Management


Osirium PAM is the leading privileged access management solution to protect access to critical IT infrastructure. It includes credential lifecycle management and protection, task automation, session management and behavioural analytics.

PAM is easy to deploy and configure with no client-side installation, just-in-time access and built-in high-availability servers.

Process Automation


This unique platform automates IT and business processes that normally need expert administrators. IT enables human-interaction with automated processes that can be integrated with your service desk management system.

Workflows automate a wide range of IT and business processes from reseting user accounts to accessing billing data for financial teams.

Privileged Endpoint Management 


Osirium PEM lets you remove local administrator rights from users’ laptops and workstations while still letting them run approved applications either elevated privileges without increasing the load on the IT help desk.


Privileged Access Management 

Features & Functions

Reduce Risk

Keep administrator credentials off the network and prevent credential sharing.
Protect valuable shared devices, services and data

Reduce Overheads 

Automate privileged operations and reduce effort in managing accounts.
Ensure the right people have the right access at the right time.

Enforce Governance 

Audit every administrator session and record sessions for investigation or audit.
Prevent uncontrolled access to shared assets.

Full Control 

Gain full visibility and control over your access management. Help to improve overall security.

Rich audit and session management

Who, what, when, where. Osirium PAM delivers comprehensive audit trails and session recording, allowing for training and incident investigation as well as demonstrating rigorous compliance.

Behavioural Analytics

Using machine learning techniques to create a baseline of each privileged user. Users can be compared against their peers in terms including posture, role use, devices, actions and time.

Identity Mapping

Osirium PAM use the model of mapping identities of people to roles on the systems and devices that need to be administered


Automating IT and business processes that traditionally require expert skills. The framework allows for automation workflows across systems via API, REST, SSH, or command lines.


IT and Business Process Automation

Features & Functions

Automate user account management

Provision and de-provision user accounts.
Reset user accounts and delegate tasks to front-line help desk engineers

Manage cloud and on-premise..., devices and data. Manage AWS security zones and launch/pause/stop cloud instances or virtual machines. Provide usage and billing data for Finance.

Automate DevOps

Enable DevOps teams to provision dev, test or staging environments. Launch/stop virtual machines
Run Ansible playbooks

Automate Workflows

Automate workflows across systems via API, REST, SSH, or command lines.

Faster Processes

By hiding the complexity and need for specialist technical knowledge, processes can now be securely delegated and accelerated.

Automate Cyber Security

Reviewing and updating firewall configurations. Ensuring admin rights are only granted where and when necessary. Remediating systems fast after a breach.

Automate Operations

Multi-step IT processes can be performed by a single user via a simple web interface. All this can be done without the need for direct access, product-specific knowledge, or privileged credentials.

Automate Govenance

Goodbye Spreadsheets. Hello automated reporting and compliance processes.


Privileged Endpoint Management

Features & Functions

Reduce Workload

Removes the need for local administrator accounts from the computers that every worker has access to every day. Traditionally this has prevented users from doing their work or caused increased workload for IT help desks.

Balancing Productivity 

Allows organisations to remove local administrator rights from users, while at the same time enabling them to have escalated privileges only for specific processes and executables.

Reduce Risk

Elevate only approved applications. Applications are elevated, not users.
Audit trail of elevated applications.

Easy for end-users

Accessed as usual via the application context menu. Request application approval via normal help desk processes.

Increased Security

When users install uncontrolled applications, IT loses control over which applications or versions are being used. Potentially malware-infected apps or unlicensed software could be installed.

Learning Mode 

 Applying "learning mode" before enforcing control ensures that most applications that users actually need will be pre-approved avoiding the need for calls to the help desk.

Simple to manage

PEM is focused on managing application elevation. Learning mode builds a list of applications to approve before starting enforcement.

Complete Control 

You can add, review, edit, and delete policies anytime.


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