Cyber Security.
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Our Cyber Security Portfolio

Specific and powerful solutions to protect your data and your business reputation.

We have partnered with market leading disruptors to provide complete peace of mind to businesses.

Covering anti-virus, device management, XDR, AI, cloud management, email security, VPN, disaster recovery and more!


GravityZone - Unified Security

by Bitdefender

Protect all of your end-points with a comprehensive enterprise level anti-virus solution that is feature rich, scalable and class-leading. Perfect protection for small to large businesses covering endpoints, mobile, servers and cloud 


Singularity Platform: AI Endpoint Security 

by SentinelOne

Autonomous endpoint protection. Proactively resolve threats in real-time at the site of the cybersecurity battle: the computing and cloud edge.

The Singularity Platform provides end-to-end security through XDR, threat analysis, threat response and all delivered via a cloud native core.


by Libraesva

Emails are the number 1 method of malware and phishing attacks. Protect your business, its finances, its data and its reputation with Libraesva. This award winning security gateway solution is feature rich provide the user with high levels of control. 

Not to mention that their smart archiving tool is cost effective and powerful.


by NordVPN

VPN Cyber Security - protect your data and increase your privacy with a VPN perfect for SMBs and the growing work from home risks. Data encryption is key when handling sensitive information. 

VPNs are more important than ever with work from home becoming the norm. 


by Redstor

Your data is never 100% safe when you leave it to chance in a standard cloud storage environment. Explore safeguards and back-ups today. Even Microsoft state in their contract that you should consider third-party back-up solutions. If you lost everything tomorrow, how would your business cope? Disaster recovery mitigates this risk.


by Osirium

Protect your IT assets but deploying privileged access security. Further improve your IT operations by automating many IT tasks. Lets talk Osirium, the disruptor of the access security world enabling better control of your IT ecosystem and helping mitigate the risks of threats.


Unified Endpoint Management

by Hexnode

Complete multi-platform security. Control your IT estate, whether Windows or Apple, from a centralised dashboard solution. When you have 10s, 100s or 1000s of devices how can you ensure that they are secure? up-to-date? know where they are? and, if needed, how could you control and shutdown these devices? we have the answer right here!


Cyber Security with Arc Phoenix

Partners: Ignition Technologies, Giacom, Bitdefender, Libraesva, Redstor, Lenovo, SentinelOne and NordVPN

Why Arc Phoenix for Security? 

Let us help you secure your business and protect it's reputation, clients and finances.

We have partnered with world leaders specialising in specific cyber security solutions that will ensure that you are in the best possible position to defend your organisation. We will work with you to understand your business and provide you with information and a deeper dive to uncover how to best improve your security stance. 

Have you thought about the security of your emails?

How secure is your backed-up data?

With WFH now the norm, how protected is your remote connectivity?

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