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Complete Cyber Protection 

For the SMB Healthcare Industry 

The UK National Cyber Centre has stated the following:

  • Attacks are up 10% YoY against the Healthcare industry 

  • 80% of UK organisations experienced a successful attack

  • 1 in 4 cyber crime victims pay the ransomware to the criminals

  • Sensitive date = attractive target

Dental organisations should be allowed to operate with peace of mind knowing that their IT infrastructure and processes are protected from malicious cyber activities. 

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What you should consider...

Dental Industry


Cyber attacks can damage the reputations of any company. You may be the best dentist! but consider the repercussions of a data breach, loss or ransomware. Patient trust and loyalty could be compromised


An increasingly more common form of attack is ransomware where patient data is stolen and held at ransom forcing dental practises to pay extortionate fees for return of sensitive data.

Data and Hardware Breach

Viruses, malware, phishing and more could all cripple your IT infrastructure. This could be your mobile, laptops, PCs, server, cloud storage and more. Don't make it easy for them!


Being GDPR is compliant is essential. It means you have considered the basics of IT security and reduced the risks of fines. Having cyber security in place helps ensure GDPR compliance.


What solutions are available?

We have partnered with leading IT vendors to provide a comprehensive set of solutions for the SMB Healthcare Industry. 

Protect your virtual front door. Emails are the main vector for malicious attacks. Protect yourself from malware, phishing and more with an Email Security Gateway. It scans every email and attachment prior to you receiving it, quarantining suspicious emails, links and attachments, and allowing all other messages to be received safely.

Not to mention we can also provide email encryption for messages containing sensitive information. 

Emails can also be lost over time and due to cyber attacks.  Recover quickly with effective Email Archiving. Remember, that under GDPR patient info must be retained for a minimum of 10 years.  

Email Security and Archiving

How quickly could you recover in the event of a total or partial loss of data?

Even if you have Office 365 storage, Microsoft state within the terms and conditions that they highly recommend all users to have back-up solution. i.e. Disaster Recovery. 

We offer a back-up data storage solution that replicates files and folders saved on your devices whether on the cloud and stored locally. 

This data is sorted and made easily retrievable. The solution pairs well with email archiving and significantly reduces the chances of losing data including victims of ransomware. 

Back-Up Data Storage

Viruses are heavily prominent and by the very nature of a virus, once they are in they can go unnoticed for long period of times whilst self replicating across your device and/or network. 

It can both cripple organisations and lead to loss of data, damaged reputation and even lawsuits and fines for not have adequate protection in place in line with standards and GDPR regulations. 

Make sure your devices have anti-virus protection. Our Unified AV solution can protect any and all devices from threats. They run scans and update themselves regularly to ensure the latest protection. All of this happens in the background without intruding on your day-to-day. 

We also offer a VPN service from the worlds' largest and most experienced VPN provider ensuring end-to-end encryption of your data.

Anti-Virus and VPN

As a dental practise, you will mostly likely have multiple staff and devices. This could include:

- Mobiles

- Tablets

- Laptops

- PCs 

How do you manage these devices? We have a tool that can provide visibility and control over all these devices. This tool provides peace of mind over where the devices are, how they are being used, are they up-to-date, do they require remote access and locking etc...

You can even control digital advertisement screens, patient facing kiosks/tablets. Other uses include security features such as password control and automated set-up of new devices. 

Device Management


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