Not all Email Security

is created equal.


Email Security & Archiving

Through Libraesva, Arc Phoenix can provide a suite of security, continuity and compliance offerings that include the Email Security Gateway, the Email Load Balancer and the Email Archiver.

Libraesva Email Security Gateway  is quarterly certified by the Virus Bulletin as one of the best security systems for email because provides complete protection against advanced threats and attacks, in order to prevents malware, ransomware, malicious URL’s and attachments, phishing & BEC ensuring that organisations can run uninterrupted.


"As we continue to grow the importance of cyber security becomes ever more paramount. We have a duty to our staff and clients to ensure that all data is protected and this includes emails.

Libraesva's solution is perfect for us. It works in the background providing peace of mind. We find their ESG solution flexible, scalable and modular and the staff at Arc Phoenix were friendly and knowledgable which aided in the smooth deployment"

Priyam Patel 
Chief Operating Officer - Bryant Dental


Specialists in Email Security 

Winners of Best Anti-Phishing and Best Email Security 2020 - Computing Security Awards

Adaptive Trust Engine 

A dynamic relationship tracking engine for senders and recipients, so all transactions are tracked and monitored to measure trust and to observe who usually communicates within your organisation.


Unique sandbox defense stops never before seen malware hitting users by lowering risk to effectively zero. Attachments and URLs are taken care of and sanitised.

Machine Learning

With customised machine learning adapting to your organisation’s needs and wants actively defending you against threats to your team.

GDPR Compliance

Quick searching combined with right to be forgotten, encryption, granular privacy permissions means access to sensitive data is subject to approval and audited.

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Email Solutions 


Unmatched Email Protection

Your active defence against phishing, 0-day malware, impersonation, spoofing and other types of cyber attacks!


Email Workloads Balanced

It’s a straight forward Email Workloads balancing solution, that perfectly fits any mail server.


Next Generation Email Archiving

Protects business critical information, simplifies compliance, improves employee efficiency!


Features and Functions 

Email Security Gateway

Spoofing Protection

Using a combination of SPF, DKIM and DMARC athentication techniques and email header analysis Libraesva ESG allows you to identify and block the imposters.

Threat Analysis Portal 

A Threat Intelligence Dashboard, which offers analysis and trend data on attacks targeting your organization. Benchmark against Libraesva global data.

Malicious File Protection

Prevention against the delivery of malicious attachments through deep inspection and document sanitization.

Threat Remediation 

Libraesva ESG allows to remove emails from user inboxes after they have been received, through a powerful email remediation feature.

Malicious URL Protection

Libraesva ESG includes time-of-click protection that intelligently scans all links for evasive behavior to prevent users from visiting unsafe websites.

Email Encryption

Sensitive data, information, documents and files can be sent securely on demand through the Libraesva ESG end to end encryption service.

Impersonation Attack Protection 

Libraesva ESG protects against impersonation attacks, such as BEC, CEO Fraud and Whaling.

Rapid Response 

Act on deep visibility into targeted threats and advanced attacks with detailed reporting on every email. Easily integrate with third-party SIEMs and other applications.


Supporting Materials

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Email Security Brochure 

Email Encryption Brochure

Email Security Tester 

Office 365 Email Security Brochure