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Arc Phoenix has partnered with leading Microsoft Specialists, Swoosh. Swoosh have developed a series of office 365 Teams and Sharepoint applications to increase workplace productivity. 

Swoosh is linked to our other partner, Sharing Minds, who have a wealth of experience across strategic, consultative and support services to enable collaboration, integration and productivity through the use of the three Microsoft cloud platforms, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure


For better outcomes

Swoosh are helping many customers achieve more

Placing you
in Control

Swoosh Apps have been designed from the ground up to allow users to freely configure within the app itself or be managed centrally by Swoosh itself

Cloud at Heart

Swoosh, whilst seamlessly using the Microsoft Azure platform, links apps between the gaps with enterprise platforms, providing a valuable user experience

A platform to
manage solutions

Swoosh provide a number of applications, that replace the need for full platform deployments, for simple solutions like searching, calendar management and more

Managed Subscription Engine

MSE allows each organisation to register and manage the lifecycle of applications within their cloud tenancy

Image by Tadas Sar

Swoosh CEO Adam Clark talks about Arc Phoenix and their expansion to the UK market. 

Our partnership with Swoosh really cements the commitment of Arc Phoenix to the UK market. We are all about bring innovative technology disruptors to the UK market. We are proud to help them on their international growth.


Sharepoint and Teams Apps

Document Search.png


A search tool which leverages the existing rich search functionality of Office 365, to quickly narrow down the search result and help users efficiently locate their information. A tool to connect you to your data quickly and easily. 

Dynamic Flyout.png

Dynamic Fly Out 

This tool provides you with the ability to publish a series of important links, which will be presented persistently to end users no matter where they are in SharePoint. The links can be targeted to roles and/or individuals and end-users are also able to customise. 


Swoosh Calendar a modern SPFx component that allows the configuration of multiple calendar sources, to be consolidated into a single view. The view can include Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily views.

Hyper Image.png

Hyper Image 

Take any image and turn it into a fully interactive web experience in minutes

Open the Webpart and select an image from your Office365 environment or upload from your desktop, then overlay an array of predefined or custom polygon overlays

People Search.png

People Search 

With People Search, you can quickly search for people in your organisation and find not just their contact information, how they fit into your organisation with an intuitive organizational chart, that you can freely navigate without limits.


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