Unified Device Management 

Through our partnership with Hexnode, Arc Phoenix can provide an extremely comprehensive range of device management solutions including mobile device management, digital signage solutions and unified workspaces.

Hexnode's award-winning UEM has now empowered organizations in over 100 countries with a centralized platform for enterprise-wide device, app, content, identity and threat management. Hexnode is now fueling the transformation to a seamless ecosystem of connected tools, one software at a time.


Specialists in Device Management Automation

Mission Driven

A focus on building the future of business mobility around intelligent tools that simplify the way people work. Born from the need for a worry-free, ready-to-work experience aligned with IT

Simple & Scalable

Pricing is easily managed and extremely transparent. You pay for what you need with flexible options to grow the solution alongside your business.

One Platform, One Partner 

Hexnode's platform can really transform your business' operations from security to management, from enrolment to remote working, the full list is very impressive.


No matter the operating system or the device or the applications, Hexnode can seamlessly manage all of them and provide IT and management with visibility.

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Features and Functions 

Comprehensive Enterprise Solutions all managed through one platform.

Unified Device Management 

Any device, any platform. Manage your entire fleet of device from a single console. Secure all your endpoints, apps across your network including BYOD.

IOT Management

Manage Kiosks, customize screens with the embedded digital signage solution. Manage IOT devices from a central location.

Remote Working

Enable secure communication and collaboration. Deploy network security profiles and secure data access

Security Management 

Secure your data at rest, in use and data in motion. Help ensure the integrity of data throughout its lifecycle.

App Management 

Simplify app management of public, in-house and web apps across all devices. Seamlessly distribute and manage app licenses.

Kiosk Management 

Control peripheral functions, enable web-based kiosk lockdown, develop customer branding and control the security of the devices.

Display/Signage Management 

Manage all your screens using a fully managed solution. From content management to media editor, from immense scalability to cloud based management.

Identity & Access Management 

Enforce company policy, achieve a level of absolute control and visibility and control access to corporate content, applications and authentication details


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